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USMLE and Study Partners

The USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Exams) is a three step professional exam sponsored by the Federal of States Medical Board and the NBME. The USMLE evaluates the ability of a physician to employ concepts, knowledge and principles to exhibit basic patient care expertise which is vital in disease and health, and that make up the beginning of effective patient care. As you know your score on the USMLE will make you more competitive and help you get into your desire specialist.

Since the USMLEs are tough exams with an oral component, it helps to find a study partner who not only shares your interests, but also understands what your academic frustrations and concerns are. You always hear the statement “Two heads are better than one”. This is where we come in. We created this website because we have been through the same challenge of trying to pass the USMLE and when acquired a study partner we triumphed. We feel that in order to pass the medical examinations, you must have a good study partner to help you understand the concepts. Unless off course you are Albert Einstein, where you can score 100% in USMLE without even looking at the book. This website creates a forum where students that are studying for the USMLE can interact and find a study partner that meets their specific requirements. Here at USMLESTUDYPAL we make it easier to search for the perfect study pal within distance to you and have a study strategy for passing the boards.

As a general guide, a good study partner;

  • Takes notes (useful when you miss a class),
  • Gets good grades,
  • Is open and friendly,
  • Is an active participant in class; and
  • Compliments your learning style.


Studying with a study partner is useful because

  • it is difficult to forget something that you said out loud and helps remember especially when you relate a topic to a certain situation that occurred while you were studying,
  • you will never forget due dates and exam dates again
  • they may think of questions one did not think of
  • they may help with research skills and some methods and/or problems
  • they will motivate you and help reduce potential for procrastination


A study partner relationship should be mutually beneficial and we aim to ensure that this website gets you exactly that. Sign up today and get started in tackling the USMLE.